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Hinged doors, like sliding doors, can be made to incorporate full height glass designs. Hinged doors are primarily ‘open­ out’ but an ‘open in’ option is also available.

Vantage hinged aluminium doors have square-edge stiles and wide top and bottom rails for a clean visual look. The rails can be widened for a more traditional appearance. Square cut rails and hidden compression blocks at the corners provide strength and stability. The door stiles and rails are substantial and strong, and come with many upgrade options: decorative glazing bars, a choice of attractive hardware, overlights and sidelights.

The Vantage system of French doors has wide top and bottom rails and optional colonial glazing bars available for an authentic appearance: the classic French door look.

French doors are ideal where wide access to decks or gardens is wanted. Rebated stiles give a flush appearance and provide superior weather protection.

Popular Hinged & French Configurations

Sliders are regarded as the most versatile and economical door type for access to decks and outdoor areas. Because sliding doors have no protruding panels, they’re ideal for high traffic areas where safety needs to be considered. The sliding door system has been designed for convenient use either as a cavity slider or for sliding back over a wall.

Sliding doors move on an outside track and can meet at 90 degree corners without the need for a corner post. This is an aluminium door system with two or three panels that slide the same way behind a fixed panel, meaning there are no intrusive panels to obstruct access or views.

Our high performance roller system means our sliding doors slide quietly and smoothly. For most configurations a fixed side panel is required. However, multi slider doors where two or three panels move, and which open to two-thirds of their width, are also available. Multi sliders are ideal for wider openings.

Popular Sliding Configurations

Bi-folding doors open up the full potential of indoor-outdoor living by stacking out of the way for obstruction free traffic flow; they either stack to one or to both sides. Bi-fold doors offer a great lay-back option for clear decks or patios. A bi-fold set can also include a free-swinging hinged door for ease of access; you can walk outside without opening up the entire set of bi-folds.

Bi-fold aluminium doors and windows both use the same profiles and operating system. The panels are bottom rolling and the weight is carried on the sill. No special architectural detailing of the lintel is required.

Popular Bi-fold Configurations

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