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  • ThermalHEART technology

  • It's Time to Start Breaking Your Windows... THERMALLY!

    Aluminium windows and doors have many advantages over their counterparts in the joinery marketplace. Aluminium...

    • is strong - 3½ times stronger than vinyl (PVC) and 43 times stronger than wood
    • is more versatile and flexible - can be perfectly matched to any decor
    • is 100% recyclable and fully sustainable
    • is non-combustible - retains its form at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
    • is thermally stable - does not swell/shrink with changes in temperature
    • needs very little maintenance
    • will not rot or be destroyed by termites


    For many years, the major downside to using aluminium joinery is the fact that as a metal it is a good conductor of heat energy. This is NOT desirable when being used in doors and windows.

    Fortunately, this weakness can be overcomed by creating a thermal break or thermal barrier between the two sides of the aluminium frame.

  • That's where ThermalHEART technology comes in - ThermalHeart™ creates a break in the conductive process of the aluminium. A nylon thermal insulator separates the inside and outside metal faces in the ThermalHEART system.

    This cleverly integrated barrier stops the transference of cold through the aluminium, and interior warmth is retained more effectively. This powerful enhancement combined with high performance double glazing makes for the absolute in year-round living.

    ThermalHEART™ products perform 32% better than standard double glazed units and offer significant benefits to the end user in achieving excellent thermal performance in aluminium windows and doors.

  • Advanced ThermalHEART technology lies at the centre of each profile in the Vantage Residential and Metro Series ThermalHEART ranges. The result - maximum energy preservation and interior comfort.

    In fact, ThermalHEART® Commercial windows and doors are up to 51% more thermally efficient than standard non-thermally broken aluminium commercial framing.

    For more details on ThermalHEART technology, please review the videos below.

  • Are YOU Ready to Break Your Windows... THERMALLY?

    Check out the Vantage Product Range Comparison page and then get in touch with us (YOUR local Vantage manufacturer) to discuss which series would be best for you and your setting.