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  • Retrofit Double Glazing & Aluminium Insert Replacement

  • With the need for improved thermal efficiency and reduced energy costs, it is becoming commonplace for new homes to have double-glazed doors and windows.

    The windows and doors of most older homes tend to have single glazing and the home's occupants experience the associated issues.

    Retrofit double glazing is a popular solution that is quick and unobtrusive.

  • Retrofit Double Glazing

  • Simply put, retrofit double glazing is the process of replacing your existing single-glazed windows and/or doors with double-glazed units.

    We specialise in aluminium joinery retro-fit double glazing. For those with existing timber joinery, we offer an Aluminium Insert Replacement service - scroll down for more details.

    The first video below does a great job of explaining the process and benefits of retrofit double glazing.

    Now, if you decide to go the route of retrofit double glazing, we can help you determine whether full frame replacement (entire existing window/door is removed prior to installation of a new one) or insert replacement (new window/door is set into an existing frame opening) would be most appropriate for your home.

    The second video below gives an overview of these two options.

  • Retrofit Double Glazing on Aluminium Windows

    Retrofit Double Glazing - Aluminium Frame
  • Aluminium Insert Replacement

  • You can gain the immediate and long-term benefits of aluminium double-glazed windows/doors without the extra cost and hassle of full replacement by having aluminium inserts professionally installed into your existing timber joinery.