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  • Glass Options for Aluminium Doors & Windows

  • When it comes to choosing the right type of glass for your doors and windows, there are a number of considerations that can influence your decision...

    • The climate where you live
    • The location of the building
    • The placement of the windows or doors
    • The purpose of the windows or doors

    Arriving at a decision in glass selection will require a balance between light, heat, and fading control. The more light you want coming in, the less you can control heat and fading.

  • From Single Glazing to IGU

    There has been a gradual shift to improving the energy efficiency of buildings. This has resulted in a need to replace the use of single glazing of doors and windows with insulating glass units.

    An insulated glass unit (IGU) consists of two or more panes of glass sealed together with an air gap between them. The air gap gives the IGU its ‘insulating’ properties by separating the outside pane from the inside pane.

    The effectiveness of IGUs can be improved by filling the air gap with Argon as well as by using Low E (low emissivity) glass or tinted glass.

    Double-glazed units are the most widely available type of IGU. Double glazing offers two fundamental benefits – heat retention in cold conditions, and sound dampening from external sources. 

    Here in New Zealand, most homes are now required to have double glazing for energy preservation purposes.

  • Comparing Glass Options

    Glass selection allows for variations in pane thickness, glass surface coatings, glass colourants, IGU air gap width, IGU gas fill etc. There are also options for safety glass, with the choice being between toughened glass and laminated glass.

    The images below provide a visual comparison of the performance of the most popular glass options available.

  • Clear Glass

    4mm Clear
    Clear float glass is transparent and offers high visible light transmittance. As such most UV light and solar heat passes through it. Economical but has a high heat loss in winter.

  • IGU: Clear Glass

    4mm Clear | 12mm Air Gap | 4mm Clear
    This is a common insulated glass unit (IGU) and contains a thermally effective air gap between the panes. Also acoustically effective and greatly reduces condensation.

  • IGU: Tinted Grey + Clear Glass

    5mm Grey | 12mm Air Gap | 4mm Clear
    Tinted glass significantly reduces solar heat and UV transmission and also reduces light entry. It is suitable for those windows with a major exposure to summer sun.

  • IGU: Clear Glass + Low E Glass

    4mm Clear | 12mm Air Gap | 4mm Low E
    Low E (or low emissivity) glass greatly enhances the insulation performance of the unit.

  • IGU: Tinted Grey + Low E Glass

    5mm Grey | 12mm Air Gap | 4mm Clear Low E
    A handy combination of solar heat reducer and winter-time insulator – a good option for overhead glazing. A reflective outer pane would provide even more solar protection.

  • IGU: Clear Glass + Argon Gas

    4mm Clear | 12mm Argon Gas Gap | 4mm Clear
    This IGU has argon gas in the internal space which enhances the insulation performance.

  • IGU: Clear Glass + Argon + Low E Glass

    4mm Clear | 12mm Argon Gas Gap | 4mm Low E
    This unit combines the insulating benefits of both Low E glass and an argon gas internal space.

  • Metro Glass - Windows Story

  • Metro Performance Glass Low E Glass Story

  • Metro Performance Glass Warranty

    Metro Performance Glass (aka Metro GlassTech) Double Glazing Insulating Glass Units (IGUs) are manufactured to high quality control procedures and have been tested by BRANZ and comply with the most recent IGU durability tests, BS 5713:2002: Part 1 & 2 (EN 1279).

    Metro Performance Glass is so committed to quality it tests three times more often than NZ industry requirements.
    The units have a 10 year warranty and the full written warranty can be provided with the units.

    The warranty is subject to some conditions, the key items of which are as follows:

    • Units must be handled and stored according to instructions.
    • Units must be glazed in accordance with our instructions.
    • The glazing system must not trap water.
    • Incompatible sealants or glazing materials must not be used.
    • The units must not be broken or altered in any way.

    Please refer to Metro's Double Glazing (IGU) Warranty for further information.
    There you'll also find instructions on the Handling, Storage and Glazing of Insulating Glass Units.